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shikenkanbabies's Journal

ギミック community
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shikenkanbabies - ギミック community

Welcome to the community for visual kei band ギミック // Gimikku.
A little, maybe also well known, biography and discography you can find from the memories.

Left to Right
Dr. 楓栖 -Kasumi
Gt. tetsu
Vo. 匠 -Takumi
Gt. アヤノ -Ayano
Ba. nell

Past members:
support ba. Yuki
support ba. 零 -Zero
Ba. 優希 -Mito

01. Keep your info, media and graphic posts friends only and keep them under lj-cuts.
02. Behave, no bashing of any kind. There is no need for you be here if you're not a Gimikku fan.
03. Any posts with either an images bigger than 300x300 or multiple smaller ones, should be under a cut.

176biz, ayano, d, domestic†child, dystopia, fuji production, genocide, gimikku, kamyuu, kasumi, la'miss†fairy, ladeathtopia, levisage, marder suitcase, miserable, mito, nell, takumi, tetsu, vidoll, virtione, yuki, zero, アヤノ, ギミック, 優希, , 楓栖,